Products and Services:

Sourcing Partners offers apparel product development, sourcing, and production management services, matching requirement of U.S. based retailers and wholesalers with capabilities of offshore manufacturers and suppliers.

With over 30 years of experience, Sourcing Partners' team applies technical expertise in global sourcing and manufacturing to customize a strategy for each customer by offering superior options in terms of service, quality, lead time and cost.

Services include:

  • Offer inspiration in research and development of fabric and silhouettes.
  • Identify appropriate raw material resources and manufacturers.
  • Communicate product specifications and quality.
  • Negotiate price and terms.
  • Place purchase orders with factory on behalf of the customer.
  • Monitor production quality.
  • In-line and final inspection of production
  • Coordinate and track shipments
  • Facilitate on-time delivery of first-quality garments only


Sourcing Partners' business model has been built around developing quality, long term relationships. With over 30 years of business, our goal is to work with clients who value these qualities and high standards.